Three BIGGEST Teenage Secrets


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People say a lot of stress comes from teenagers.
Today however, is a different day.

I’d like to invite you to take a look into teenagers and their world.

Since I was 13, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of teenagers and even parents. And one thing I’ve learned for sure: arriving to a win-win solution between teenager and adult isn’t exactly rocket science. I actually think society tries to scare adults by gossiping about how teenagers are a ‘hard case to handle’. Adults know how to compromise and negotiate between themselves, in the workplace. So it’s worth at least a try in your own home.

People think it’s hard for adults being around teenagers.
Do they really think it’s easy for teenagers to be around adults?!

I know, I know you’re dying to get onto the secrets. One last quick thing…this will help you go back, and recall how it is to be a teenager.

When we become deemed a teenager at about 13 years old, all of a sudden, we feel stronger, we feel smarter, and more powerful; we’ve absolutely got more knowledge and skill than a child. We feel we can make a difference, and help adults, and do almost anything.
We really want to help, but then we get treated as if we’re children.

That’s such a slap in the face!

We’re just about to go to the ends of the Earth, and we don’t even get trusted enough.
We’re standing there, so happy and proud that we’ll get treated like an ‘adult’ and then nothing changes.
We just feel so cheated. And over the years, what would you expect? This willingness to help does fade away!
We can’t wait forever until you decide to start trusting us.

Its funny isn’t it; a child is a child, an adult is an adult, but watch out because if you’re a teenager, you’re a child when it’s convenient and an adult when it’s beneficial.

What good is it that when my brother was 12, he had to be charged an adult fare on a plane, but to go visit a museum of art, he had to have someone older to go with him?

It’s so so convenient!

Now let’s mentally step into the teenage world. I’m going to share with you today’s teenage thoughts, and I promise my utmost honesty throughout this. I’ll also go into teenage secrets, which some people may have forgotten, or not thought about for a long time. You know, you could be the judge of this – are teenagers today the same or different to when you were a teenager? Maybe you think they’re not as good as you were….well, now it’s time to check it out!

I absolutely guarantee that this knowledge will most definitely improve, if not completely change your adult-teenager relationship. I really do want you to try these out, and really get into what’s written here. I want YOU to get an even better relationship with the teenager/s surrounding you.

And I stand by your teenager and many others to share with you, the Three Biggest Teenage secrets.

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