6-Step Model to Better Behaviour


For all you people out there who don’t hate
the younger generations, and want to help
your future and theirs,


Better behaviour in 6 steps?
Imagine that…!

Whether you’re a parent with a harmonious relationship with your children, or an employer who recruits or will recruit younger workers into your work force, a teacher, a youth worker, a grandparent, a struggling-to-understand-youth individual, or any other sort of person who is brave enough to admit that youth and adolescents are all around us, This e-book is for YOU!

It is for you to help build better relationships.
It is for you to read about how younger generations are today, and how treating them will work.
It is for you to remember your wild teenage years.
And it is for you to laugh and cry over.

Building better relationships should always be fun, and take up little time every single day. It’s been designed, written and formatted as a short handbook with practical exercises to help you and the teen in your life work together, and think about how you too, can build win-win outcomes from conflict, deal with differences, and build a better relationship all around.

This e-book features:

Module 1: Address & Acknowledge [Differences]
Module 2: Let’s Get the Respect Going
Module 3: Don’t ‘Teach the Lesson’ – ‘Give the Lesson’
Module 4: Grow and Learn Together [Give & Take]
Module 5: Pick ‘em Up and Put ‘em Down
Module 6: Communicate [Respect…Let it Flow]

Your relationship is just waiting for you to just take the first step… to receive your very own copy you can download, straight to your inbox, click below.