Generation SMART

Organisational Succession Made Easy

An educational and insightful presentation about today’s younger generations in the workforce. This presentation is designed for managers and employers who are faced, or are preparing to be faced with youth in their industry.

Many are saying there is either a shortage or boom of youth, and both of these problems can be worked into the customization of this presentation to put your audience at the best advantage.


Three key areas concerning youth in the workforce is attracting talent, retaining them and communicating with them within the workforce.

Learn all about what makes youth tick, how to use their energy for long-term gain, and what you can do to make sure the company stays
in protected hands for years to come.

Find out all about these leaders of tomorrow – they have grown up completely in the age of the cell phone and computer, and have a different psychology, culture and productivity that can benefit YOU now and many years onwards!

Come along and find out WHO they are, WHAT they want, and HOW to get them to get your work done!

Topics covered will include Generation SMART’s environment, upbringings, social networking, technology, communication patterns, psychology,
mental and professional development, and that secret key to unlock their energy, potential, and efficiency to add a positive impact on your
workplace, not only today, but tomorrow too!

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