‘Shush, You!’

or how to get a better relationship with any teenager in just 5 minutes a day



Content and format wise,
just like your first book, I love it.
It’s concise, edgy and a book easily devoured!

Alia Simpson, Life Coach,
TV Presenter & Mother

‘Shush, You!’ guarantees to help you get your teenager to listen,
solve conflicts with them and build a better relationship in only
5 minutes a day through the applicable 5 minute tips, and stories
from teens and leaders around the world.

‘Shush, You!’ is full of new content from readers and the author,
giving a wide range of public opinions a chance to channel their
views to a broader audience.

The 5 minute-a-day tips throughout the book bind the original
stories with applicable actions adults can take, and spend the same
short amount of time to build a relationship, as it does to break one.

‘Shush, You!’ lets the world out there know that inter-generational struggle
is everywhere, however so are win-win outcomes…you just need to see and
learn how others have found how they can contribute to giving the next
generations the best possible future.

ISBN 978-1-877524-00-4, 216 p, pb, over 20 original illustrations, 1st Ed.

Reckon this book can help you & your family?

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