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Trust Your Future!

This controversially effective and popular topic can suit various events with a mixed audience, but is primarily designed for parents, relatives of teens, teachers and youth workers.

Complete with simple yet powerful stories based on real life examples, discover the three steps to find and resolve the real issues behind rebellious behaviour, scepticism, peer pressure, conflict and mis-communication.


Claim Your Space

‘Claim Your Space’ has been inspiring teenagers all around the world, from young leaders to ‘youth at risk’.

And now it’s your turn to hear how Eva-Maria inspires and motivates teens to become their own leaders, claim their space in the world, and really make a difference!


Utilizing Social Media

Why have social networks produced a big boom?
How can I use them to my advantage in marketing and business?
How do I set them up?
Is Social Media helping or ruining my business?
And the all-time favourite: What in the world is Twitter? !

All these and more questions will be answered straight from a young person who lives and breathes on the internet, and has made most of her successful business sales and relationships online.


Generation SMART

An educational and insightful presentation about today’s younger generations in the workforce.

Learn all about what makes them tick, how to use their energy for long-term gain, and what you can do to make sure the company stays in protected hands for years to come.



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