Claim Your Space

Being the leaders of today in the adult world

‘Claim Your Space’ has been inspiring teenagers all around the world,
from young leaders to ‘youth at risk’ and now it’s your turn to hear
how Eva-Maria inspires and motivates teens to become their own leaders,
claim their space in the world, and really make a difference!

Based on her own experiences of becoming a mentor at 13,
writing a book at 16, publishing and marketing it at 17 and
becoming a recognised speaker and coach at 18, Eva-Maria
shares her ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of her journey of
claiming her space in the adult world.


‘Claim Your Space’ is an entertaining presentation to help youth understand the world we are all living in now, and how to take their situations,
knowledge and dreams, and make something out of life for the short and long term.

This presentation gives the young audience a chance to ‘dig deeper’ into the question ‘Why are we here, and what are we going to do about it’.

A common complaint from adults is that youth are not taking matters into their own hands, and the aim of this presentation is to reassure
youth that it is OK to be who they are, to love themselves, and to go out there and do something good for the world.

By ‘Claiming Their Space’, the message will bring them to a more in-depth way of thinking around what they can do now to start making
a positive impact on the world, to take them into their next steps into adulthood.

Dedicated to inspire other young people to embrace their dreams, stand tall and be the absolute best they can be, Eva-Maria touches on relationships,
education, workforce and public speaking, as well as an insight into the world of supporting and mentoring peers and friends can really
make you a true leader of today.

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