Outward Bound Instructors, OBNZ Staff Training Day

– Lovely presence in front of group – mixes up sessions well. Well organized & relates back to group needs well.
– In tune with the audience and the subject matter Passionate about her delivery and subject and that shines through Thank you for your time and keep up your great work and your mission. An inspiration.
– If you get the chance to go to her presentation or work with her, it’s well worth it!
– Highly recommended to teens and adults. -Outward Bound Instructor, OBNZ Staff Training Day
– Engaging hand-on activities. Some simple strategies to take away. Well organised. Passionate about what she presents

Mark Pickering, The Salvation Army

By taking that Eva invoked side-step into my teenage state of mind I did feel a lift in spirit from freedom, optimism and energy recalled. Thinking on from her presentation, if teenagers do particularly feel constrained by lack of influence and power, imagine what could be achieved if we with the power teamed up to them with the raw energy!

Joye Luddon, Social Worker Kapiti, Skills Centre

Eva-Maria gave a motivational presentation to our youth students yesterday. The students enjoyed meeting with Eva-Maria, who presented as a very friendly, confident, and polite young woman. She covered a range of topics, with a focus on communication between youth and adults, which our students found to be current to them, and informative.

Michelle Lember, Vice President, BPW Caboolture, Australia

We’d like to express our thanks for your presentation to our members on Gen Y and Social Networking. Your insights and educational presentation assisted our members to better understand Gen Y in the workplace and the community, which will be invaluable as they groom future leaders within their businesses.
Further, your knowledge of social networking as shared to the group immediately prompted several of us to ‘tweet’ and become ‘LinkedIn’ – your presentation had something for everyone, and we look forward to seeing a while lot more business being done, new partnerships formed, and stronger communities starting online in our chapter, thanks to some of the learning that you passed onto our group.

Lyall Lukey, MD Lukey Resources

Eva-Maria is a very personable, energetic and well organised young lady. She was a key note speaker at the fourth annual Education Leaders Forum on “A 21st Century Teenager’s Cyber World View”. She also ran a workshop entitled “Tweet like a Teen: Utilizing Social Media”. Given the audience of senior educators this was quite a challenge which Eva Maria handled with aplomb. Eva-Maria goes the extra mile to work with her clients and I would have no hesitation to recommending her as an inspirational and interesting speaker.

Hannah Pia Baral, Interim Director

The quality of this year’s workshops at the ACE Conference was exceptional and we have had very positive feedback from those who attended. Conference participants have said that the workshops were both stimulating and practical as well as high relevant to their work. Thank you, Eva-Maria.

Phillip Reidy, President, Rotary Club of Plimmerton

Your presentation to our Rotary Club was extremely interesting and informative and gave a very good insight into the world that many Rotarians see as scary. The passion you have for the topic was impressive. The Club appreciate your forthright views and the opportunity to ask questions which was useful in broadening our understanding of what many of us need to understand considerably more about. Your comments on how you see the issues associated with attracting a wider age group to Rotary was most useful and helpful in encouraging us to see things differently. Thanks once again.

National REAP NZ Conference, Wellington

– From Eva-Maria’s presentation, we have gained new information about how we can promote REAP and its programmes to the wider communities through Social Media, which has great potential for us. It also started our thinking about what place Facebook and Twitter especially have in our promotion. Thank you.
– Eva-Maria helped using my fear of technology to overcome my fear! I’m going to be more technologically ‘smart’ in my work including using technology more broadly.

Penny Jones, CanTeen Central, Member Support Manager

Eva-Maria’s insights into the world of speaking and tips on how to prepare and deliver a speech in public was really enjoyed by youth at CanTeen. Her presentation had some great insights that the students will definitely be able to take away and use in their future public speaking presentations. Her experiences and tips helped the students who are already speaking in public on a regular basis as well as those who haven’t started. They were engaged and enjoyed the interactive exercises which helped bond them as a group. Her work at such a young age really connected with the students and gave them a sense of ‘If she can do, I can too’ which was fantastic to see, and I am sure they will all take her pearls of wisdom into their next public speaking presentation, with roaring success!

The Cool Schools Team, The Peace Foundation

It was lovely having you at our Cool Schools’ Secondary School Symposium in Auckland recently. We appreciate the time and the inspirational message you shared with the secondary school students and school coordinators. You surely have stirred the passion and enthusiasm among them! Our sincerest thanks for your continued support to the Peace Foundation.

Vanisa Dhiru, Vice President, YWCA Discover Programme

Eva-Maria’s speech was engaging and inspirational. Eva-Maria held and engaged the audience during the speech. Her powerful stories enabled the audience to really connect, relate to, and respect her viewpoint about the subject of relationships between teenagers and adults, and her work regarding this subject. The mentees were inspired, and mentors got a different perspective of the great things happening out there in the field of teenagers and relationships with them.

Kerry-Ann Stanton, YWCA Future Leaders Programme Coordinator

Eva-Maria’s engaging manner and her insights into the world of teenagers was enjoyed by about twenty four of our mentors. Over the hour that Eva-Maria presented we matched our thinking about teenagers against Eva-Maria’s tips and grappled with some of her questions. It was a thought provoking and practical sessions for those present – in particular the section on communication and managing misunderstandings. As a young woman herself, Eva-Maria’s style was refreshing and entertaining.

Irene King, CEO of Aviation Industry Association, New Zealand

Eva-Maria’s interactive presentation was a breath of fresh air during a serious day of our conference. We received exceptionally positive feedback from an audience who train the young graduates within our industry with a significant amount of challenges. The feedback showed that during a short time, Eva-Maria was able to engage and build rapport with an older audience, while breaking down the fear and stereotypes around youth and their attitudes to the workforce. She gave applicable take-aways around attracting, retaining, understanding and communicating with youth in our industry that proved to be a great addition to the audience’s future encounters with the younger generation in their work.

Azmarah Shivaz, ACC: Insurance and Prevention Services

The audience members, who of course are much older than Gen “SMART”, felt it was a most though provoking presentation. Eva-Maria kept them engaged from start to finish, giving the members valuable insights throughout, which meant they had many great take away key points and lessons to go away with that Eva-Maria communicated in an easy-to-remember way.