Trust Your Future

What every adult & parent should know

This controversially effective and popular topic can suit various events with a mixed audience, but is primarily designed for parents, relatives of teens, teachers and youth workers.

Enjoy a powerful and inspirational speech from the heart of a
Gen Y, building the bridge of understanding from ‘the other side’ to the adult world.

Complete with simple yet powerful stories based on real life examples, discover the three steps to find and resolve the real issues behind rebellious behaviour, scepticism, peer pressure, conflict and mis-communication.

Relationships with your growing kids and teens can be hard to build, and even more harder to keep up. This workshop focuses on making sure you are well equipped to handle conflicts and build on relationships you have with your teenagers whether they are living at home or not.


By presenting easy-to-master techniques and an insight into today’s teenagers world, this workshop is designed with you in mind – it is full of stories.

You will be able to relate, and perhaps learn from, just by understanding the psychology and thought-pattern of today’s youth.

The three key areas covered will touch on both the short-term and long-term applications of how you can build a better relationship with your teen not just now, but for years to come.

‘Trust Your Future’ is guaranteed to change your understanding of teenagers forever, and may just be the key to your success and the success of the
youth around you – short-term and more importantly, long-term.

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